China overcomes delta: one month after eruption – no new patients registered

After adopting a strict policy that included tight closure and significant restrictions – China seems to have managed to curb the spread of the new strain • The country from which the corona plague emerged took preventive measures that included mass testing and border closures, trying to dramatically reduce infection • For the first time since mid.July: Symptomatic

Braking trend in China: While Israel and a number of other countries around the world are trying to control the outbreak of the corona delta strain – it seems that the country where the global epidemic began about a year and a half ago is succeeding in stopping its spread. In China, they adopted a “zero infection” policy, which included a closure of tens of millions following a few thousand individual patients – and managed to dramatically lower the numbers.

Since July 20, China has been dealing with the Delta: then several verifiers were discovered among cleaning crews at the airport in Nanjing city. The plague has spread to more than half of the country’s 31 districts, which have infected more than 1,200 people. In doing so, it is the most severe outbreak known in China since 2020.

Residents of Hubei province in China return to routine after closure (Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters)
In China, significant restrictions have returned – due to the eruption of the Delta | Photo: Shay Franco, Reuters

Authorities in the country reacted sharply in the face of rising numbers, shutting down a number of hotspots in China. Additional measures taken included mass inspections to detect infections and a ban on domestic travel between different areas within the country.

Over the past week the moves taken have begun to take effect, and the number of verified ones announced in China has dropped to just a few isolated patients. Yesterday, 21 verified imports from other countries were reported, and zero symptomatic infections – for the first time since mid.July.

However, China’s reporting method is slightly different from that of Israel and elsewhere in the world: they differentiate between symptomatic and non.symptomatic patients, thus updating the official number accordingly.

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