the pact with Africa and the discontent dem about Conte

The government’s gas agreements in Africa after ministers Di Maio and Cingolani’s trips to Angola and Congo, discontent in the Democratic Party but also within the 5-star Movement over Conte’s decision not to openly support Macron, the Senate’s approval of the energy bill, the slowdowns on the competition bill, whose final green light will not arrive until July, and the green light for the basic text first signed by Meloni in the Justice Committee (Pd and M). These are the main topics in today’s political pages of newspapers available on newsstands.

The Corriere della Sera is a newspaper published in Italy.

The indecisive person. Massimo Gramellini criticizes Giuseppe Conte in his column. “Conte preferred to pass himself off as obscure because he couldn’t be honest. He comes naturally to him, among other things “, she says at the end.

The Republic is a political entity that exists in the

The title of an article about the M5s president’s approach toward the French elections was ambiguous count on Le Pen. The pentastellata Lombardi is interviewed by the press and reaffirms his distancing from Le Pen.

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On the other hand, the Turin daily devotes space to the Brothers of Italy law on surrogacy.

The publication

Gas to Italy, and an agreement with Africa. The energy sector is ‘blinded’ by Draghi.

Fact of the day

Grillo’s position, which raises worries about Italy’s delivery of arms to Ukraine, is highlighted in the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio.

The sun is on for 24 hours.

The Senate’s approval of the dl energy project is the subject of the business journal.

The messenger’s message

Money goes to the blog, and the assistant gets a post. Grillini is enraged when Beppe (Grillo) beats cash. The elected’s dissatisfaction is growing: “Why do we have to finance our natural space if there are no funds?” “Pressures to pay Nina Monti, a collaborator.” The Movement’s leaders, on the other hand, deny it. Orban first sees Salvini at the Pope’s residence in Rome. Melons, on the other hand, stay away from it. The FdI leader dismisses the Hungarian: the embassy has just one delegation.


Meloni vs. Meloni: The uterus vs. Universal Rent Crime The language presented by the FdI leader, which forbids surrogacy even if it is carried out abroad and the baby is recognized in Italy, has been sent to the Chamber of Justice panel. The Pd and M5s are opposed, while the center-right is compact. The Ukrainians are used by the Democratic Party to bring us the Zan bill. Supporters of the homotransphobia clause, misquoting the conflict, say that the mobilization for the law is resuming. I’ve been turned down before. Grillini was a disaster. Conte clung to Orsini after that. Giuseppi makes a fool of himself, and the guru Beppe is cooked. The new M5s prophet: he’ll run, and then…

The reality

On Tuesday, the final approval of the justice reform will be given. The CSM “Lievita” has members ranging in age from 24 to 30. The vote on the modifications came to a close in the Chamber, with only FdI and Iv offering genuine opposition. The new rules increase the number of Council seats. Zan reappears. But it’s a rent attack on the uterus.

The Justice Committee of the Chamber approves the Meloni law proposal on surrogate motherhood, which is illegal even if done overseas, with the support of the entire center-right. Meanwhile, the deputy Pd refuses to retire and continues to promote his contentious bill.

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