French President Macron: “Le Pen exploits anger in the country for its campaign”

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is currently running for another term, was interviewed this morning (Friday) by France Inter and referred to the campaign of the country’s far-right candidate Marin Le Pen: “She is exploiting anger at politicians in her favor. She turned anger into ‘our problem’.

According to Macron, he and government officials have failed to quell the anger of the citizens on a variety of issues, and now his rival for the presidency is using that anger to establish its position ahead of the next round of elections. “Everything I failed to accomplish in my term, she incorporated into the campaign,” the incumbent president said.

The president’s interview comes just days after French political commentators determined he had won a televised confrontation between him and Le Pen, who would soon run in the second round of elections. Following the confrontation, a poll published in the French media showed that Macron would have won the round if the election had been held on the day of the confrontation, with 54% support.

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