Czech Republic announces its candidacy to replace Russia in the UN Human Rights Council

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic announced this Friday its candidacy to replace Russia as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was expelled by the UN General Assembly in an emergency session held on April 7. .

“The Czech Republic wants to replace Russia in the Human Rights Council, so we have just submitted a candidacy for the position. The promotion of Human Rights is a priority of the Czech Government,” the Czech Foreign Ministry explained on Twitter.

The Government of the Czech Republic considers Russia responsible for “aggression, suffering and destruction in Ukraine”, for which it applauds the suspension of Russian membership of the UN Human Rights Council, which the Czech Executive wants to join .

In a letter addressed to the United Nations, the Czech Republic has promised to work for “the advancement of Human Rights” in a “fair and equitable” manner, as well as to give “adequate responses” to violations and abuses of these rights ” wherever they occur.”

“In the Human Rights Council, the Czech Republic will collaborate in a transparent and goodwill manner with all states of all regions, as well as with civil society and human rights defenders,” the Czech Executive assured in the letter. .

Likewise, the Government of the Czech Republic has detailed in this text that it will adopt an “active stance” against violence inflicted on women and girls, including sexual violence in armed conflicts.

The UN General Assembly voted on April 7 in favor of suspending Russia as a member of the Human Rights Council, a proposal that went ahead with 93 votes in favor and 24 against, while 58 member states abstained and several more directly they did not pronounce themselves.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kuleba, welcomed the approval of the text, alleging that “war criminals have no place in UN bodies designed to protect human rights.” In this regard, he thanked the countries that have “chosen the right side of history.”

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the resolution “an illegitimate and politically motivated step” aimed at “punishing” a UN member state for its “independent policies.”

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