Japan: A boat with 26 tourists on board disappeared in the stormy waters of the ocean

The Japanese Coast Guard reported today (Saturday) that a boat carrying 26 tourists had disappeared into the ocean off the coast of northern Japan. This, after reporting distress calls and sinking. After more than seven hours of intensive search, involving six patrol boats and four aircraft, no survivors were found.

The tour boat named “Kazu-1”, which weighs 19 tons, reported emergency calls in the early afternoon. It was further reported that the boat reported that the bow was flooded and began to sink. This, while she was sailing off the west coast of the Shirtoku Peninsula on the northern island of Hokkaido. Prime Minister, Pumio Kishida Who attended an international summit in the south of the country, has canceled his plan and will return to Tokyo to help locate the missing boat, the public broadcaster NHK reported.

According to the boat operators’ website, the tour lasts about three hours and offers scenic views of the west coast of the peninsula, including views of animals such as whales and dolphins. The national park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous as the southernmost area where sea ice can be seen.

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