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A group of hit men has shot dead a councilor from the Colombian town of Zaragoza, department of Antioquia, who had denounced the environment of corruption that dominated local politics on numerous occasions.

“We reject the murder of a councilor of Zaragoza, Antioquia. Our solidarity with the family of Mairon Javier Chaverra Mosquera, killed by hitmen,” the governor in charge of Antioquia, Luis Fernando Suárez, wrote on Twitter.

The councilor was part of the Conservative Party and, according to the newspaper ‘El Tiempo’, had denounced corruption in the municipality.

The area, which belongs to the Bajo Cauca Antioqueño subregion, has the presence of the drug trafficking group of paramilitary origin, Clan del Golfo. Likewise, dissidents from the former guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC.

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