Two months to the Russia.Ukraine war: “There are no signs that it will end soon”

The war on Ukrainian soil: Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, Michael Bedorsky, Spoke this morning (Sunday) with Anat Davidov and Gideon Oko on 103FM and told about what is happening in the country in Eastern Europe. “We are already in the second month of the war and at the moment there are no signs that it is going to end soon, the attacks mainly in the east and south of the country continue.”

“It is difficult to know how and especially when this war will end. We will continue to assist Ukraine, especially in the health and other humanitarian fields,” he added.

He went on to say that the Israeli hospital in the area is expected to close this weekend, saying that “there are many more projects and many things we are bringing to the Ukrainians. You have heard about the decision to bring vests and helmets to Ukraine, This assistance to the Ukrainian authorities. ”

On immigration data, he clarified that “at first we saw a relatively high rate of immigration and we saw thousands of Jews leaving Ukraine. Some decided to come to Israel, some decided to come to or other European countries or to stay in Ukraine.”

“It should be mentioned that not all Jews can leave Ukraine, especially men aged 18 to 60 can not leave, they are of conscription age, and some families also prefer to stay for the same reason, so at the moment we are not witnessing very high demand for immigration. “It is difficult to know what will happen next. The flow of refugees from Ukraine is currently declining, but this situation can change, it all depends on what will happen on the ground,” he explained.

Asked about the embassy work in the new reality, he replied: “We are currently in Poland, not far from the border with Ukraine, we have no security option to enter Ukrainian territory beyond the hospital, where we are occasionally. I very much hope we can return, it is our ambition, to return “Kiev. There are some Western embassies that have already decided to return. We are assessing the situation all the time, at the moment we are not returning yet, hopefully it will happen soon.”

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