Nine people were found missing in Japan after a tourist boat capsized

Nine of the 26 people who went missing when a tourist boat capsized were found in Japan, the Japan Coast Guard said.

The condition of the people who were rescued and rescued from the troubled waters near the Shiretoko Peninsula in northern Japan is unknown.

Japanese media reported that the persons were not aware when they were found, but the Coast Guard did not want to confirm whether they were found alive.

The search for the missing, which is still ongoing, includes six patrol boats, several helicopters and divers.

The ship, which had 26 people, 24 tourists and two crew members on board, capsized yesterday after a call for help in which it was stated that it was sinking.

At this time of year, the ocean near Shiretoko National Park, where the boat capsized, is very cold, and a warning was issued yesterday due to strong winds and large waves, which is why fishing boats returned to port before the incident.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, stopped his participation in the summit in Kumamoto and returned to Tokyo.

He told reporters that he told officials to do everything they could to save people.

An investigation into the incident is also ongoing.

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