Maneuvers to the left, the vote brings the Democratic Party and Article One closer

Take the relationship to the next level: Article One and the Democratic Party speak to each other openly, after a long series of signals and winks. After the Democratic Agora, it is necessary to give a political articulation to the center left.

The appeal comes from Roberto Speranza who, in launching it, looks Enrico Letta in the eyes, sitting in the front row at the Article One congress. Together with the leader dem, all the protagonists of the wide field are present, including Carlo Calenda. The only absent party is Italia Viva which, as the group leader Federico Fornaro says, has already chosen a side with the latest decisions taken by Renzi.

A reference to the Italia Viva scheme for the next administrative and al Genoa case, where the Renzians support Bucci together with, among others, the Brothers of Italy and the Lega. “The democratic agora, in which we are participating, certainly represent a useful moment of confrontation and involvement of important forces and energies in the process of building a new center-left”, says Speranza.

“But it is clear that at the end of this programmatic and participatory path, a more political step of inclusion, openness and relaunch will be needed to overcome the current articulation of the center-left and really open a new season. A season in which to unite in a common path also in Italy the forces that already coexist in the same group, in Brussels and in the European Parliament “.

And then, more explicitly: “We have already said it in our campaigns. And we reiterate it today. If we make the left, which is useful for Italy and Europe, we are there. We are there”.

An appeal that Letta collects: “To Hope I answer yes: my intention is to make a winning left for the country”, says the Pd secretary from the stage: “The invitation is that this path leads in the autumn to a discussion between us that make sure that we completely put aside the story of 2018 “, adds Letta.

“That passage, 2018, destroyed any possibility for the left to play a winning role. Each of us must take responsibility, even you. We must be able, together, to put aside our little conveniences and make together the work for which the country calls us.

Each of us is here to do something great for the country “, warns the dem secretary. This is not, however, a return of the former Democratic Party to the parent company. The issue under discussion is not a dissolution of Article One in the Democratic Party Rather, it is a question of giving structure and organization to the ‘broad field’ of the center left.

How to translate this innovation politically will be seen between now and 2023. The administrative elections and, even more, those policies on the horizon could encourage a recomposition between the parties in the field. How to translate this recomposition from a political point of view is a very open topic. On the agenda, the political forces find themselves on many points: from the centrality of work and welfare to the energy transition, passing through the social question that promises to be “the real testing ground for the left to recover the votes from abstention”, as a parliamentary source from Leu explains.

To probe the mood in the room, the hope of recomposing a center-left camp with the Democratic Party and the Five Stars mixes with the skepticism due to the difficulties that the company presents. On the one hand, the internal troubles of the M5s do not give certainty about the near future. On the other hand, the history and strength of the Democratic Party make it hard to believe that the dem can rethink themselves in another form.

Certainly, a recompaction to the left is felt by the prominent delegates of Article One. A “physiological” phenomenon as the vote approaches, is explained. But there is also more.

Two governments from particularly troubled agendas – accomplices in the pandemic and the war in Ukraine – have served to tighten relations between the exponents of the parties: Pd, M5s and, in fact, Article One. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio also reiterates this, recalling the path taken together with Speranza, with Count II and with the Draghi government. The war in Ukraine and the related economic and social emergency encourages the forces in the field to invest again in this collaboration.

For Di Maio it is an “economic world war already underway” and the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, in a message to the participants in the congress invites all political forces to be guarantors of democratic stability. An appeal that takes on an important specific weight after the controversies triggered by the positions of the M5s leader, Giuseppe Conte, on the elections in France. On the ambiguity, true or presumed, of the pentastellato leader on the French challenge, Letta explains that tomorrow is “a referendum on Europe. On the one hand there are those who want to destroy it, who have been very willing to listen to the Putin’s words: I am referring to Le Pen. On the other hand, there are those who want to build a stronger Europe and we are among them, among those who want Macron to win “, adds the secretary dem.

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