Russian troops open a humanitarian corridor in the direction of Azovstal

Today, Russia reopens a humanitarian corridor near the Azovstal factory, allowing civilians in the company’s basements to leave the area. Such a statement was made today by the head of the National Defense Management Center under the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizints.

According to the Russian military, units of the Russian army “Donetsk Republic” unilaterally cease fire at 2 pm Moscow time and retreat to a safe distance, “ensuring the evacuation of civilians, factory workers, women and children, who, according to the KI authorities, are located in the underground areas of the factory. ”

“There is no obstacle to the evacuation of civilians other than the principled decisions of the Ki’s authorities, the commanders of the nationalist units that use these people as human shields,” Mizintz said.

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