The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, voted today in support of the new, so.called change government, which should end the long rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The new ruling coalition is expected to take the oath and thus open a new page in the history of Israel, the Agence France.Presse reported.

Opposition leader Jair Lapid and radical right.wing leader Naftali Bennett will present the new 36th government of Israel at a special session of the Knesset scheduled for 16.00 local time (15.00 Central European time).

It consists of two left.wing, two center.right parties, three right.wing parties and one party of Israeli Arabs, eight out of 13 in the Knesset.

The new government will be the first in the history of Israel in which one Israeli Arab party has such a key role.

If something does not change at the last minute, it is expected that a vote of confidence will be given to the government that secured the minimum majority of 61 out of 120 deputies in the Knesset and that Netanyahu, who has been prime minister for 12 consecutive years, will be replaced.

The therefore relies on only one vote, which indicates that the new political alliance is very fragile, Israeli media comment.

Netanyahu (71), who is being tried for corruption, was protested again last night in front of his residence in Jerusalem.

The protesters obviously did not have the patience to wait for today’s vote, but have already started celebrating the “fall of King Bibi”, as they call him.

The new coalition will be led by Naftali Bennett, the leader of the right.wing party Jamina (Right), for the first two years, and then he will be replaced by Jair Lapid, the leader of the party Yes atid (There is a future), and Netanyahu will become the leader of the opposition.

After today’s vote, the official handover of power is expected tomorrow in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Netanyahu, who is being tried for corruption, remains at the head of the largest party in parliament, and it is believed that he will strongly oppose the new government.

If only one faction opposes the government, it can lose its majority and fall, which opens the way for Netanyahu to return to power, according to the Associated Press.

The new government promises to return to normalcy after two years of political stalemate and four consecutive elections without a clear winner, as well as the war in Gaza and the corona virus pandemic that caused great damage to the economy before it was brought under control thanks to a successful vaccination campaign.

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