France cuts to the left and criticizes Israel harshly: “Children are killed”

France expresses deep concern in view of the attack carried out yesterday (Tuesday) on the al-Oda school, which claimed several lives, it is the third aimed at a school used by displaced persons since Saturday.

France stated: “We cannot accept a situation in which schools, especially those housing a civilian population displaced by the fighting, become targets. We call on Israel to do everything in its power to protect civilians during military activity and to fully respect international humanitarian law, and in particular the principles of proportionality and distinction “.

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They also added that “in view of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza, France calls for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire, which will ensure the protection of the civilian population, the release of the abductees and a massive influx of humanitarian aid through all the crossings to the Gaza Strip.”

7th Brigade activity in the Sajaiya area, Gaza Strip (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The German Foreign Ministry joined the requests and said: “People who seek shelter in schools and are killed is not acceptable. The repeated attacks on schools by the Israeli army must stop and an investigation must take place quickly.’

These announcements join the announcements issued by the French government last Monday, in which their demands for the men of Judea and Samaria were emphasized: “France strongly condemns the latest Israeli decisions regarding settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, and in particular Israel’s official recognition of five new settlements.”

The announcement also states that “We also condemn the approval of the plans to build over 5,000 additional housing units in several settlements in the West Bank, and the expropriation of 12,000 dunams in the Jordan Valley by the Israeli government.”

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