BBC commentator’s family is killed with a crossbow

In Great Britain it’s a hunt for a 26 year old man, Kyle Clifford,following a triple murder on Tuesday evening in Bushey, Hertfordshire, near Watford, north-west London. Police discovered a house three women killed, related to each other,They were 25, 28 and 61 years old.They are the two daughters and the wife of the BBC commentator John Hunt: The man on the run may still be armed.

Police believe Clifford may have been armed with a crossbow and possibly other weapons and warned members of the public not to approach him. Clifford is believed to be in Hertfordshire or Enfield, north London, where he lives. Neighbours said his Enfield home was raided by armed officers at 8am this morning. The new Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, described the deaths as “truly shocking” and said she was being kept informed by investigators.

The Mother Carol, 61 years old, and daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28were found fatally injured in their home on Tuesday evening. Police sources said the three women were tied before being hit in a “targeted attack” that may have also used “other weapons”. Clifford is Louise’s ex-boyfriend. According to initial reports, reported by the Daily Mail, Clifford works as a security guard. John Hunt, a racing commentator for the BBC, was working at Lingfield Park Racecourse before returning home to discover the horror. Shocked neighbours said Louise ran a dog grooming business called Groom and Glow from her home in a cul-de-sac.

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