Three killed in Russian night attacks in southern Ukraine

Russian attacks overnight Tuesday killed three people in southern Ukraine, particularly in the Black Sea port city of Odessa, regional authorities said Wednesday.

Russia has been regularly launching night attacks on Ukrainian cities since the start of its invasion in February 2022.

“The attacker (Russian forces) targeted facilities in the port of the Odessa region. Unfortunately, two people were killed, a security guard and a truck driver,” Governor Oleg Kiper said.

It was not clear whether the two people were killed as a result of direct strikes or due to falling debris from the intercepted missiles.

The Ukrainian military said Russia fired a ballistic missile and four guided missiles at the port in the south of the country.

“Active countermeasures prevented three enemy Kh-59/Kh69 missiles from reaching their target,” the source explained.

In a separate attack, a 62-year-old man was killed in Russian shelling of the southern city of Nikopol.

The Ukrainian Air Force confirmed the destruction of 14 Russian drones out of 20 launched overnight into Ukraine.

On Monday, the capital was hit by a rare daytime attack, killing 34 people, according to an updated toll provided by the military administration in Kiev.

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