Biden calls for strengthening the defense industry so that NATO does not fall behind Russia

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday defended the need to strengthen the defense industry to prevent NATO from falling behind Russia, which, thanks to “help from China, North Korea and Iran,” is significantly increasing its arms production.

“Russia is on a war footing when it comes to defence production, ammunition and vehicles (…) We cannot allow the Alliance to fall behind (…) We cannot be outdone by anyone,” Biden stressed during his second speech at this NATO summit held in Washington.

Biden has pointed out that although two years ago — at the very beginning of the invasion of Ukraine — a plan was launched at the Madrid summit to modernize defense systems and deter potential attacks, the next step now is to strengthen the arms industry due to Russia’s push.

The US president expressed his gratitude for all NATO partners’ commitment to increase their defence spending, with the number of allies spending at least 2% of their GDP increasing from 9% to 20%, as well as their industrial capabilities to meet these new challenges.

Biden stressed that “for the first time,” all NATO countries have committed to developing and expanding their defense capabilities, which as an Alliance, he said, will allow them to be “more innovative and competitive,” as well as capable of producing more critical defense equipment more quickly.

“This new commitment sends an unwavering and unequivocal message to the world that all NATO members are committed to doing their part to strengthen the Alliance. We can and will defend every inch of NATO territory and we will do so together,” he stressed.

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