British police capture suspected triple murderer in cemetery, suspect taken away for urgent medical attention

Kyle Clifford, the 26-year-old man suspected of murdering three women near London, has been taken to hospital with injuries, according to several British media reports. Police searched for the suspect with all their might and eventually found him in a cemetery not far from his home. No shots were fired by the police.

“Following extensive enquiries, the suspect has been located. No one else is currently being sought in connection with the investigation,” Detective Inspector Justine Jenkins said.


Police and an ambulance were called to a home in Bushey, Hertfordshire, at around 7pm on Tuesday and found three women. They were identified as Carol Hunt (61), the wife of a BBC-horse racing commentator, and their two daughters (25 and 28). This was confirmed by the British broadcaster itself.

According to Daily Mail the three women were tied up before the perpetrator shot them. The victims showed serious injuries and died on the spot. The police speak of a “targeted attack”.

All eyes were soon on Kyle Clifford, an ex-serviceman who had a relationship with Louise, one of the victims. Police appealed for help from the public: “Given the seriousness of the incident, I would ask anyone who knows where he is to contact police immediately. If you think you see him, do not approach him and call 999 immediately.”

Footage shows the suspect walking away from the crime scene with a large object – presumably the weapon, hidden under a white cloth. A 49-year-old tennis coach who lives nearby testifies to BBC: “I was told to go inside because there might be a man walking around with a crossbow.”

Whether the perpetrator used the crossbow to kill the women is not yet clear. Why the three women were murdered and when exactly, the police cannot yet say. It is also not yet clear whether the victims themselves let the perpetrator in or not. An autopsy will take place today.

The neighborhood is shocked

The neighborhood is shocked by the facts, reports BBC. Louise Nicholas, a local councillor, describes the area as “a leafy, ordinary suburb” where everyone lives “peacefully”. “As my colleague said this morning, the worst we’ve ever had is a bit of graffiti and some fly-tipping.”

Several residents have already laid flowers at the victims’ house.

In our country, a mother and her three daughters were murdered with a crossbow in 1997. The perpetrator has since served his sentence. He acted out of revenge because his friends wanted to end their affair.

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