The deadly attack in the Afghan capital: Afghan officials said today (Friday) that the death toll from last night’s attack near the airport had risen to 95. The same sources indicated that the actual number of deaths may be high may be even higher, this is due to the chaos in the evacuation process. In addition, more than 140 people were injured in the attack.

Senior U.S. officials, along with U.S. officials, said earlier that at least 13 U.S. soldiers had been killed in what became known as the deadliest day of U.S. forces in Afghanistan since the summer of 2011.

Earlier, the Pentagon reported that the perpetrators of the attack were two suicide bombers, who are believed to be members of the Islamic State (ISIS). A senior U.S. military official stressed that ISIS would not prevent the United States from carrying out its mission and estimated that further attacks were expected. “The United States is ready to take action against those responsible for the Kabul bombing.”

The director of a medical emergency organization that helps war victims, Rosa Michio, told the Washington Post that “the hospital in Kabul was already 80 percent occupied by the attack. We added extra beds to accommodate the seriously injured.” The association’s coordinator, Alberto, added: “Those who came to the hospital could not speak, many of them were terrified, their gaze is blank. We have rarely seen such situations.”

The scene of the attack in Kabul (Photo: WAKIL KOHSAR / Contributor)

Meanwhile, the Taliban has asked the Turkish government to operate the Kabul airport, the Turkish president said. Erdogan During a press conference and added that no decision has yet been made on the issue. “We will make a decision after the Afghan government is clear.”

Erdogan said there was a meeting with representatives of the organization at the Turkish embassy in Kabul for more than three hours, adding that the evacuation of Turkish forces from the Afghan capital, which began last Wednesday, continued. He later condemned the terrorist attack.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: Reuters)Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: Reuters)

Britain has entered the final stages of evacuation

Britain has entered the final stages of evacuation in the Afghan capital and is calling on people not to come to the airport anymore. “We are sorry we were not able to evacuate everyone,” said the British Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace.

Last Thursday, the United Kingdom Ministry of Health said more than 13,000 people had been evacuated by British forces from Kabul as part of Operation Fitting, which began on 13 August. The Secretary of Defense noted that about 8,000 of the evacuated Afghans are eligible for a relocation program in the UK, most of them those who worked for the British government and hold British passports.

Evacuation of Afghan citizens (Photo: Andreas Rentz / Staff)Evacuation of Afghan citizens (Photo: Andreas Rentz / Staff)

Wallace told the BBC morning show that “some of the people will be left behind, but the operation was an ‘extraordinary achievement in a very hostile environment'”. He said between eight and nine more flights would arrive at the airport to evacuate about 1,000 people who remained there. The Secretary of Defense also did not specify when British troops would leave the country, but said it could happen even before the US withdrawal on August 31.

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