In the US, it is estimated that Putin will try to help Trump win the elections
American intelligence estimates that Russian President Vladimir Putin will work to help Donald Trump win the US presidential elections in November, according to an assessment by an American intelligence source yesterday (Tuesday). At the same time, European countries, members of NATO, are already anticipating the possibility that Trump will win the elections, And scheduled a series of meetings with Trump’s associates and advisers on the sidelines of the NATO summit being held in Washington, in a move that may be portrayed as an expression of no confidence in Biden.”The United States does not see Russia changing its position in relation to previous presidential election campaigns in the United States regarding the question of who it wants to win,” said an American intelligence official in a media briefing. He did not explicitly say that Russia wanted Trump to win, but his words implied that he did, since American intelligence had already determined that Russia worked to promote Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections.

Trump’s campaign headquarters were outraged by the comments, saying that since Biden was “weak” in the war in Ukraine – Russia has an interest in him winning. “Putin expresses support for Biden because Biden is a weak president who can be easily opposed,” Trump’s headquarters said. “When Trump was in the Oval Office, Russia and all of America’s adversaries were dismayed because they feared how the US might respond.”

Even so, Putin may have quite a few reasons to want Trump back in the White House. For example, Trump expressed outrage at the large military aid that the US provides to Ukraine, and even threatened to stop it, condition it or demand to get back the money invested in it. In addition, it was recently reported that Trump’s aides presented him with a plan to end the war in Ukraine, according to which the support would be stopped the American in Kiev if she does not agree to enter into negotiations with Russia.

Trump’s general policy is to invest less in what’s happening around the world, and try to invest more in what’s happening inside the US, which may serve Putin’s goals. During Trump’s presidency in 2017-2021, he had high-profile fights and conflicts with US allies, many of which are members of NATO. In recent months, Trump has threatened that he will not come to the defense of NATO members if they do not meet the obligation of defense investments required of members of the alliance.

Report: Leaders and diplomats secretly meet with Trump

Yesterday, the NATO summit began in Washington, in an event that is considered very important and prestigious for US President Joe Biden. Despite this, it was reported in the “Financial Times” newspaper that European delegations that arrived at the summit, especially from Eastern and Northern Europe, are secretly meeting on the sidelines of the event with Trump’s senior representatives, as part of the preparation for the possibility that he will return to the White House in January.

Leaders, ministers and other officials who arrived at the important summit from several European countries scheduled meetings with representatives on Trump’s behalf, mainly Keith Kellogg, former chief of staff at Trump’s National Security Council, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “The summit was initially intended as a step by Biden to show that he is the leader of the United Alliance, but now it stands in the shadow of calls from various elements in the Democratic Party to curb his campaign for the presidency,” the report said.

These steps may indicate to a large extent the weakness that NATO members recognize in Biden’s leadership, against the background of calls to replace him and put forward another candidate for the presidency on behalf of the Democratic Party. This is another blow to the image of President Biden, who continues to receive blows since the election confrontation with Trump on the 27 in June.

Yesterday, Trump again criticized the aid to Ukraine, saying that “we have a problem because the US paid most of the money to help Ukraine fight Russia”, and now Europe must “at least compare! (emphasis in original) They owe more than a hundred billion dollars. “Joe Henkhololi never asked them for it,” he wrote on his social network Truth Social. Despite his words, the Kiel Institute for World Economics found that since the beginning of the war, the US has invested approximately 74 billion euros in aid to Ukraine, while European countries have invested 102 billion euros . Meanwhile, in February, the European Union announced an additional aid package for Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion euros.

Zelensky: “The whole world is waiting for November”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is also participating in the NATO summit in Washington, and provided an interesting statement tonight, when he explained that the eyes of the whole world are actually on the month of November, when the presidential elections in the USA will be held. “Let’s be real and honest,” he said, “Now everyone is waiting for November. The Americans are waiting for November, and also in Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific area, the whole world is waiting for November. And to be serious, Putin is also waiting for November.”

Zelensky refers to the US elections at the NATO summit in Washington

Fox News reporter Bret Baier asked Zelensky how closely he followed the US election campaign. “I think sometimes I follow it more closely than you do, Brett,” Zelensky replied.

The president of Ukraine was also asked by Bayer if he is afraid that Trump will abandon NATO, and said: “I don’t know who will be the president, I hope that the US will never leave NATO, otherwise the world will lose many countries that rely on American leadership. I hope the US will never seriously consider leaving NATO, but it is not my decision.”

Alongside his words about the US election campaign, Zelensky also did not spare his criticism of the Biden administration, who is considered his biggest supporter. In his speech tonight, he referred to the restrictions imposed by the US on the use of American weapons on Russian territory, less than 48 hours after the massive Russian bombing in Ukraine which resulted in the death of 43 Ukrainian citizens and children. “Imagine how much we can achieve when all the restrictions are lifted. If the American leadership decides to authorize us to destroy Russian planes at their bases – we can protect our cities. It will produce an immediate result, we expect it,” he said.

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