Meloni: "Don’t exploit Mattarella’s words". The Quirinale shares

After the ‘friction’ in the government majority over the words spoken yesterday by the President of the Republic, it is Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who wants to put an end to the controversy. “Frankly, unlike others, I have not read in the words of the President of the Republic an attack on the government and I think that we are not doing the institutions of this nation and the President of the Republic any favors if everything he says is exploited as if he were the leader of the opposition”, she states in an interview with Diritto e Rovescio. Words that the Quirinale judges as a “correct” assessment.


Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini initially had a different opinion, instead reading the Head of State’s statements (“there cannot be the absolutism of the majority”) as a reference to the center-right and the government, engaged in approving the constitutional reform on the premiership, and instead spoke of “a dictatorship of the minority”, before correcting his aim and reiterating in a party note the “great esteem” for Sergio Mattarella, specifying that his reflections certainly did not refer to the words pronounced by the President of the Republic. The other deputy prime minister and leader of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani distanced himself, according to whom “the Head of State must always be respected”.

The Minister of Reforms Elisabetta Casellati excludes that the President of the Republic was referring to the premiership. Indeed, she judges, “a bit annoying that, since the debate on the reform began, there has always been an attempt to pull the President of the Republic by the jacket, it is a lack of respect towards an institution above the parties, so I would say enough”.

And her government colleague Francesco Lollobrigida observes: “I do not comment on the words of the President of the Republic. He is an authoritative representative of this nation, he can say and think what he deems most appropriate and we can only read what the President says”. The Prime Minister, however, broadens her reasoning, to the point of touching on constitutional reform, not sparing ‘thrusts’ at the PD. First of all, for Meloni “the speech of the President of the Republic on democracy was a very lofty speech and I agree with it because it is true that in democracies there is no absolutism in power, there is not even an absolutism in the majority, that is why there are checks and balances in democratic systems”.

But, he underlines, “I feel obliged to say that if there is no absolutism of the majority, imagine if there can be an absolutism of the minority, which is what we unfortunately saw when the left was in government. We saw people who lost elections, who nevertheless reached government and who in the end even told you whether you could or could not leave your house, that is absolutism of powers and that is the problem that the left has with this reform”.

Finally, Meloni defends the premiership: “The problem is that if the citizens decide, they probably can no longer govern when they lose the elections. So their real problem is not the man alone in command but the risk of no longer having a system in which there is a PD alone in command”.

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