The UN announced today that it expects about half a million additional Afghan refugees during 2021, although there has been no exodus so far.

“In terms of numbers, we are preparing for about 500,000 new refugees in the region. This is the most pessimistic scenario,” said Kelly Clements, the UN deputy high commissioner for refugees.

According to her, Iran and Pakistan have already received more than 2.2 million Afghans. There are another three million Afghans with different status in those two countries, and many of them do not have personal documents.

Kelly Clements presented a regional preparedness plan to help Afghan refugees.

The plan envisions raising about $ 300 million (254.4 million euros) to fund the activities of agencies such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and non.governmental organizations working for the UN.

“Increased and direct funding will allow us to get help and be ready for an urgent response,” said Kelly Clements.

“Although we have not seen any significant departures of Afghans at this time, the situation in Afghanistan is developing faster than anyone expected. That is why we must be ready to face every possibility,” she added.

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