Joe Biden.  “Allowing Putin to win in Ukraine will only increase the aggressor’s appetite”

US President Joe Biden spoke at the White House today about the war in Ukraine. He said he was sending a $ 33 billion bid to Congress to support Ukraine.

According to Biden, Russia is an aggressor that must be stopped even if it requires a lot of money and effort.

“If Vladimir allows Putin to win in Ukraine, it will only increase the aggressor’s appetite,” said Biden.

He reiterated that the United States will not send troops to Ukraine, but will continue to support the aggrieved country.

The United States և allies will increase the supply of heavy weapons և will deliver artillery and tanks to Ki.

According to Biden, Putin feels that he is not achieving his goal in Ukraine, he starts threatening, including hinting at nuclear weapons.

Biden said he was not concerned about Putin’s threats and described the nuclear rhetoric as “irresponsible.”

Putin did not directly mention the possibility of using nuclear weapons, but said that “in the event of a strategic threat, Russia will strike lightning.”

Joe Biden has said that the United States is ready to respond to any action by Russia.

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