. – It is a race against time to close the lists in support of the candidates for mayor in the Capitol. In one week, on September 4th, the deadline for submitting applications will expire. Some of the candidates are further ahead in compiling the lists, others are still looking for the latest signatures.
On Friday, the Democratic Party announced that leading its list in support of Roberto Gualtieri will be Sabrina Alfonsi, which in the last 8 years has led the Town Hall I, that of the historic city center. The second name on the dem list will be the former Roma player, Ubaldo Righetti, champion of Italy in the second Giallorossi championship with Nils Liedholm in 1982/1983 and now radio commentator. Number 3 Stefano Marongiu, infirmary for Emergency who contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone in 2015 and was treated at the Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute, where he now assists Covid patients.

Gualtieri has chosen Beatrice Lorenzin, former Minister of Health, to preside over his electoral committee. While the civic list will instead be led by Monica Lucarelli, manager and former president of the young entrepreneurs of Rome. To support the ex-minister’s race there will be, among others, the Roma Futura list, which looks to the left, of the outgoing mini-mayor and urban planner Giovanni Caudo, and the Catholic-socially inspired Demos of Paolo Ciani.

Five civic lists for Raggi

Instead, there will be 5 civics, all already closed, in support of Virginia Raggi’s re-nomination. A novelty for the Movement, which until now had always run only with the support of its own symbol. To support the outgoing mayor the M5s, then a Civic list in the name of the Rays, which ranks some university professors and then many twenty-year-olds, including students and animators of cultural initiatives. Then there is Roma Ecologista, formed under the supervision of former minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, led by another holder of a department with the center-left, Alessandro Bianchi, in the past already a candidate for mayor of Rome with a civic project. To these are added three other civics: Women, Sportivi per Roma and Roma Decide.

A single list instead in support of Carlo Calenda, who along with civic names also ranks some Roman exponents of Italia Viva. The leaders for the leader of Action will be Annalisa Scarnera, entrepreneur and founder of the Roman Gay Street. Also on the list is Dario Nanni, a councilor of the Capitoline Pd, the journalist Luigia Luciani, the face and voice of Roman TV and radio for years, and Flavia De Gregorio, former municipal councilor of Action.

Michetti’s delay

More delayed Enrico Michetti, iThe center-right candidate started last in order of time in the electoral race. For now, the certainty is that the leaders of the League will be Simonetta Matone, already chosen by the leaders of the coalition as pros-mayor in the event of an electoral victory. Also in contention for the League is the deputy Barbara Saltamartini. The name that will lead the list of Brothers of Italy is still missing. Giorgia Meloni’s sister, Arianna, an official of the party group in the Lazio Region, denied her possible involvement in this role. Possible involvement of former deputies. The name that will guide the civic for Michetti is still to be chosen, so far former officials of the Police Headquarters and former soldiers have been selected to be part of it.

In the container formed by Forza Italia and Udc for the Campidoglio, the blue deputy Annagrazia Calabria could participate, in addition to the outgoing president of the Capitoline Assembly, the former M5s Marcello De Vito.

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