Within 24 hours, the Russian Defense announced the bombing of 67 Ukrainian military installations

Operational and tactical bombing Russian army 67 Ukrainian military facility during the past twenty-four hours.

This came in the official statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, where the Ministry’s spokesperson, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that among the sites that were bombed: 6 command centers, two company strongholds, and large stores of missiles, artillery and fuel in the villages of “Bryawbrazhinka” and “Orekhov”, As well as 55 locations for the concentration of manpower and military equipment of the enemy.

During the night, high-precision air missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces succeeded in bombing 4 Ukrainian military installations, including two concentration areas for manpower and military equipment, as well as two depots for missile weapons, artillery and ammunition in the areas of the villages “Parvenkovo” and “Ivankovka”.

As a result of the bombing, more than 300 elements of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, and up to 40 armored vehicles were eliminated.

The missile and artillery forces also completed some 408 combat missions during the night, hitting 18 command centers and 383 concentration positions for Ukrainian manpower and military equipment.

Russian air defense systems shot down a Su-24 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force over the settlement of Nikolaevka in the Lugansk People’s Republic.

Also, 5 Ukrainian marches were destroyed in the areas of the villages of “Veselogorovka”, “Zachenoy”, “Novomikhailovka”, “Lyubimovka” and “Kharkov”. Isyum” in the Kharkov region.

For its part, the Ukrainian armed forces launched an intensive missile attack with “Tochka-O” ballistic missiles and high-powered multiple rocket launchers on residential areas in the city center of Kherson.

The targets of those missiles were indiscriminate by the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, and included residential areas in the area of ​​Ushakov Street, where there are kindergartens, schools and a number of social institutions.

The Russian air defense units repelled the missile attack, and 12 shells of the high-powered missile launch system were shot down, in addition to two Tochka-O ballistic missiles, one of which landed in Shevchenko Park.

The Defense Ministry statement stressed that the indiscriminate missile strikes launched by the regime in Kyiv on the residential areas of Izyum and Kherson are a war crime and a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

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