Janković: Women are more often exposed to discrimination on the labor market, they are reproached for being mothers
The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, stated that citizens are ready to report discrimination, especially on the labor market.“Women are more often exposed to discrimination on the labor market. They are reproached for being women, mothers, who are about to give birth to children, who are too young or old,” Janković said for today’s Politika.

She stated that “discrimination based on age is increasingly reported due to prejudices about the unwillingness of older workers for new challenges and learning, and we all know employees in the environment who are over 50 and worth their weight in gold.”

“The stereotype that young people are uninterested, irresponsible, that they have no experience applies. Although the latter is true, where will they get it if someone doesn’t give them a chance?” Janković pointed out.

That is why, she warned, “generalizations of every kind are dangerous and lead to discrimination on various grounds.”

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