The Pentagon announced tonight (Saturday) that the U.S. had killed two senior members of the Islamic State (ISIS) and that another operative was wounded in an attack carried out last night in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province by UAV, in response to the double suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 170 people. The Pentagon also said it had begun evacuating U.S. military forces from Kabul airport.

The Taliban condemned the US offensive tonight and a spokesman for the organization told Reuters: “The Americans are supposed to inform us before carrying out the air strike, it was a clear attack on Afghan territory, two were killed, two women and a child were injured in the attack.”

The spokesman further claimed that “the airport in Kabul will be under the full control of the Taliban ‘very soon’,” he said. He noted that “it is too early to decide whether we will need the help of Turkey or Qatar to operate the airport.”

Meanwhile, a Taliban source said that the organization intends to announce a full-fledged cabinet within a week. He said the cabinet would include not only ministers but also leaders. However, according to the Taliban spokesman, “it is difficult to expect that if women take part in the cabinet, the final decision will be made by the most senior leaders.”

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According to the US military statement, the attack killed an ISIS operative who was involved in planning and carrying out the attack, “according to the first indications, we hit a target and we do not know of any civilians who were injured,” the US military statement added.

Britain also announced today that it has completed the evacuation of all its citizens from Afghanistan. Yesterday Britain entered the final stages of evacuation in the capital Kabul and called on people not to come to the airport anymore. “We are sorry we were unable to evacuate everyone,” said British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

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