North Korea’s ‘surprise’: Preparing for big nuclear test …
A message to the West? Judging by the satellite imagery released today (Friday), North Korea is preparing to conduct a major nuclear test – for the first time since 2017. Personnel.

The military parade in North Korea | Photo: Reuters

Satellite images collected this week and analyzed by experts at CSIS – the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington – show people playing volleyball in the yard of the test site’s main management and support area. “Although some sources claim that the seventh nuclear test may take place between May and September this year, the date of the seventh nuclear test will undoubtedly depend solely on Kim Jong Un’s personal decision. Satellite images indicate that preparations are in progress and should not be underestimated,” CSIS.

Prof. Life-Eric Izli, an expert on international research at the University of Eva in Seoul, said: “If Kim wants to act as a provocateur, he may soon be put to the test – when the new president of South Korea takes office, and before US President III visits. And Biden to Asia, later this month. ”

“However, so that God forbid I hurt Pyongyang’s sponsors in Beijing,” Prof. Izli continued, “the next test will be near the Communist Party conference later this year.”

North Korean military parade (Photo: Reuters)
The military parade in North Korea | Photo: Reuters

Like Isley, Dr. Dwayne Kim, a senior member of the U.S. Security Center’s think tank in Seoul, argued that “the United States has no choice but to adhere to its demand that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons.”

“It’s hard to imagine the Biden administration ever defining nuclear disarmament as its ultimate goal,” she said. “If any US administration does this, supporters of South Korea’s new conservative government will require the government to produce its own nuclear weapons because they will see that the United States is unreliable when it comes to ensuring South Korea’s security.”

Kim noted that the long diplomatic stalemate allows North Korea to buy time – allowing it to refine its nuclear capabilities and produce political levers that will strengthen its grip on its nuclear arsenal. “Pyongyang has consistently refused to return to the negotiating table – and that’s the main problem,” she said.

Earlier this week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un staged a military showcase showcasing his army’s latest weapons developments – with an emphasis on the country’s nuclear arsenal and its advanced missile program. Among the missiles on display was the Wasong 17 intercontinental ballistic missile, which was successfully tested only last month and is estimated to be effective in hitting U.S. soil. At any point in the US.

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