Russian war of aggression in Ukraine: Chief of police in Kyiv reports that more bodies have been found near Bucha – Politik

According to the police, another three bodies with their hands tied were discovered near the Kiev suburb of Bucha. The bodies of the three men were found in a pit in the village of Myrozke, said the police chief of the Ukrainian capital, Andriy Nebytov, on YouTube on Saturday. They had gunshot wounds on different parts of the body.

According to Nebytow, the three men’s eyes were blindfolded, and “some” were also gagged. According to the police chief, the corpses bear the marks of prolonged torture. Each of the men was eventually killed with a shot in the temple.

“According to what we know so far, the occupiers tried to hide the traces of their acts of violence,” Nebytow explained. So they threw the bodies into a pit and covered them with earth.

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Bucha has become synonymous with alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces in their war of aggression against Ukraine. The suburb was under the control of Russian troops for around four weeks before they withdrew at the end of March.

According to the police, around 400 bodies were then discovered in Butcha and the surrounding area, including in two mass graves. While international investigations into possible war crimes are ongoing, Moscow denies any responsibility for these killings. (AFP)

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