A Russian military plane violated Swedish airspace on Friday – Abroad

The infringement took place on the south coast of Sweden.

Russian machine violated Swedish airspace on Friday night, informs the Swedish Defense Forces.

Swedish fighters tracked and photographed the AN-30 propeller aircraft. According to the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation SVT, it was a military aircraft.

“The violation of Swedish airspace is unacceptable,” said the Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist To SVT. According to Hultqvist, the matter will be dealt with.

“This is unprofessional and very inappropriate given the security situation. Sweden’s sovereignty must always be respected. ”

Insult occurred south of Blekinge on the south coast of Sweden. The plane flew east of Bornholm, Denmark, from where it approached the Swedish coast.

The plane left the area after a brief airspace violation.

Russian planes also violated Swedish airspace in March East of Gotland.

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