Police arrested nine after the collapse of a building in China

Chinese police arrested the owner of the building and eight other people today, two days after dozens of people are listed as missing or trapped under the ruins of a solitaire, police and state media reported.

The official Xinhua news agency reported that the owner of the building was among those arrested.

Dozens of people are missing or trapped after the collapse of an eight-story building in central China, officials there said on Saturday on the second day of the rescue operation. The building collapsed on Friday afternoon in the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province.

The building, the cause of which is unknown at the moment, housed a hotel, apartments and a cinema. Local authorities said 23 people had been captured, while 39 were missing. It is added that five people were saved.

Police in the city of Changsha said that they also arrested three people in charge of the design and construction, and five more because, as it was stated, of false security assessment for the hotel which was located from the fourth to the sixth floor of the building.

After the increase in the number of demolished buildings in recent years, Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday that it is necessary to check such buildings for hidden dangers and remove them in order to prevent major accidents, the Xinhua agency stated.

Such accidents happen, due to poor compliance with safety standards, including illegal addition of floors and failure to use iron piles for reinforcement.

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