The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office denounces almost 220 dead children and more than 400 injured since the beginning of the invasion

The Ukrainian Children’s Prosecutor’s Office has reported that 219 children have died and 404 have been injured in attacks carried out by Russia since the beginning of its invasion of the country, on February 24, until this Sunday.

Most of the child victims, counting deaths and injuries, have been recorded in the Donetsk region with 139, followed by the capital kyiv region with 129, Kharkov (95), Chernigov (68), Mikolaiv ( 43), Kherson (44), Lugansk (37), Zaporizhia (27), Sumy (17) and Zhytomyr (15).

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office has denounced that 1,570 educational institutions have suffered material damage since the beginning of the invasion, 111 of which have been completely destroyed.

The United Nations has estimated some 2,900 civilians killed and more than 3,200 wounded since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Of the total number of victims, the UN lists approximately 210 dead children and 309 wounded since the beginning of the war.

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