Over 200,000 Ukrainian households without gas

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine are unable to heat their houses and apartments as a result of the Russian war of aggression. “Every day there is new damage to the infrastructure from bombings, which we are constantly trying to repair,” said the CEO of the largest Ukrainian energy supplier Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko, the editorial network Germany (Sunday editions). 213,000 Ukrainian households are currently without gas.

In large cities like Mariupol or Kharkiv, the damage is particularly great, said Vitrenko. In eastern Ukraine, many lines were also destroyed in smaller towns and villages.


However, there is no gas supply problem. “Our own gas production works and we have very large underground gas storage facilities that we can draw from,” said the Naftogaz boss. Gas was also purchased from the European market in March, which reached Ukraine via Hungary and Slovakia.

The problem is the transport: “There is serious destruction everywhere,” said Witrenko. His employees would work under very difficult conditions. “20 employees of our company have lost their lives in the war so far,” reported the Naftogaz boss.

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