Hurricane “Ida” continues to approach Louisiana tonight (Sunday) and reached a 4 out of 5 risk rating, with winds of about 250 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. Joe Biden Alerted me Danger to life due to the coming of the storm and due to serious destruction that will be caused– In addition, he clarified that the power outage that befell the country is expected to last for weeks.

“Ida” struck on the 16th anniversary of the devastating catastrophe “Katrina” that hit New Orleans, and was defined as the most powerful storm in the country ever since last year’s Laura ‘and the hurricane that struck the country in 1856.

Satellite image, Ida storm (Photo: NOAA / Handout via REUTERS)

Strong winds are expected to blow during the day, and the Governor of Louisiana, John Bell Edwards, Made it clear that he expects the storm to be a “big challenge.” He said the country is prepared for the scenario, but he expects “Ida” to be “a very serious test for our systems, especially in the coastal area”.

The state has invested heavily to ensure the operation of the toll systems, having failed to identify a “Katrina” storm. Edwards warned: “The next 24.36 hours are going to be especially significant for Louisiana residents.“

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (Photo: Reuters)New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (Photo: Reuters)

The strength of the winds is expected to reach a maximum of 145 meters per hour and the storm is approaching the southeast of the country. As of noon (US time), the storm had cut off more than 285,000 households in the country. In addition, “Ida” also caused most of the country’s oil production to cease.

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