Putin promulgates a new computer security decree for Russia that gives extensive powers to the Police

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has promulgated this Sunday an information security decree that aims to guarantee Russian computer systems against possible foreign attacks but also grants broad powers in this area to the Federal Security Service (SFS), the federal police Russian.

The text of the Law with Additional Measures to Ensure Information Security in the Russian Federation requires “to give unrestricted access to the FSS to organizations or information resources that they use through the Internet and their telecommunications networks,” according to collects the Russian news agency TASS.

In addition, if the FSS or the Federal Technical and Export Control Service consider it necessary to take organizational or technical measures, they must be applied immediately.

Those responsible for the organizations will have “personal responsibility for the information security” of these entities.

The legal text also provides for the creation of “structural” units to guarantee information security and since January 1, 2025, the use of information protection tools originating from “unfriendly” countries is prohibited.

To guarantee security, “exclusively” “organizations that have a license to carry out these activities of technical protection of confidential information” may be used, that is, “exclusively organizations that are accredited by the State to detect, avoid and eliminate the consequences of computer attacks “.

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