Biden could go to Ukraine soon

During the night the Russians resumed bombing of the Azovstal. Hundreds of people have been evacuated to Zaporizhzhia so far, as reported by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The initiative is conducted in collaboration with the UN.

On Sunday, at the head of a delegation, the president of the US House, Nancy Pelosi, arrived in Kiev, reaffirming Washington’s commitment to supplying weapons to Ukraine, despite threats from Moscow. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, from Berlin, also assured solidarity with Ukraine and the sending of weapons to Kiev.

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    Erdogan, Turkey remains the key place for resolving the crisis

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again invited his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, to hold a summit in Turkey, adding that both countries have asked him for help in exporting cereals.

    “Both Ukrainians and Russians want help exporting cereals,” he said after attending Ramadan closing prayers at an Istanbul mosque.

    The Islamist leader also announced that his adviser, Ibrahim Kalin, and the Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister, Onal Sedat, met with Ukrainian authorities on Saturday in Kiev and that have received the request for a series of “wishes” which, however, he did not illustrate.

    “Probably, this week we will have a meeting (online) with Putin,” he added, hinting that he will try to transfer the ‘wishes’ of the Ukrainians to the Russians. Erdogan also insisted on his offer, made numerous times since the Russian invasion began, that Putin and Zelensky meet in Turkey, saying his country will be the place where “steps will be taken in relation to (a solution). in Ukraine”. The Turkish president has predicted that this summit will be held in Istanbul or Ankara.

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    President of the Duma, whoever sends weapons enters the conflict

    The president of the Duma, Viacheslav Volodin, said that the countries that send weapons to Ukraine are part of the conflict, they are approaching a “catastrophe” and that their leaders must face justice. “By sending weapons to Ukraine, they become part of the conflict“Volodin warned in a message posted on Telegram.

    According to the president of the lower house of the Russian parliament, “the leaders of a number of European countries, led by Germany, can cause great problems to their peoples”.

    Volodin also accused the West of “doing nothing” to protect the inhabitants of Donbass during the eight years that the conflict in eastern Ukraine lasted “and is now doing everything possible to make the Slavs die in Ukraine”. Volodin proposed to confiscate corporate assets of “hostile” countries in response to similar measures taken by the West.

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    Jill Biden will go to Slovakia and Romania to meet the refugees

    US First Lady Jill Biden will be in Romania and Slovakia from 5 to 9 May to meet Ukrainian refugees. She made it known in her office. You will also meet US military and US embassy personnel, as well as humanitarian workers and teachers

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    British intelligence, Russia has already deployed 65% of the ground forces

    Russia involved about 65% of its total ground combat strength in the war against Ukraine; and probably a quarter of the force has now been rendered “ineffective”. This was reported by the latest British military intelligence bulletin on Twitter.

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    Mariupol Town Hall, “civilians will leave even today”

    The evacuations of civilians from Mariupol will continue today. This was announced on Telegram by the city council of the besieged city for over two months. “There is good news. With the support of the United Nations and the Red Cross, today two additional locations have been agreed for the embarkation of people in an evacuation column that will leave Mariupol”, reads the message which also indicates the points of collection. “If you have relatives or acquaintances in the area, try to contact them and pass on the information to them,” adds the note. On Sunday, about a hundred civilians had left the city, mostly women, children and the elderly.

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    Intelligence Gb, notable Russian losses “it will take years to reconstitute them”

    British intelligence has made new estimates on the number of Russian soldiers killed or wounded in the invasion of Ukraine. According to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Defense in London, it is likely that “over a quarter of the tactical groups” of the Russian army sent to war are now “ineffective”. London does not explain exactly what it means by the term but adds that even the most sophisticated units of the army are probably very “worn out”. “It will take years for Russia to be able to reconstitute these forces.”

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    US MP: “Biden is thinking of going to Kiev”

    “I think a visit by President Biden to Ukraine is under consideration. It is just a question of when it will happen.” The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff told CNN, who then added “it’s only a matter of time”. The Democratic representative also spoke about the three-hour meeting in Kiev with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The congressional delegation was led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “We asked Zelensky – explained Schiff – what were the priorities, in terms of weapons, for him. The Ukrainians have gone from ambushes to Russian tanks to remote attack with artillery”.

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    Attack on the Russian chief of staff Gerasimov visiting the front

    General Valery Gerasimov, Russian chief of staff, visited the front in eastern Ukraine. The New York Times reports it. While visiting the military posts, Gerasimov also reportedly escaped a Ukrainian attack on a Russian-controlled school used as a military base in Izium. On that occasion, according to the media, about 200 soldiers died.

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    UN, 4.5 million tons of grain still in ports

    Almost four and a half million tons of grain are blocked in Ukrainian ports due to the closure of sea routes due to the Russian military invasion. This was reported by the representative of the United Nations World Food Program Martin Frick. In March, the UN recorded a record rise in food prices that hadn’t occurred since 1990.

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    Two explosions in the Russian town of Belgorod, no one injured

    Two explosions occurred a short while ago in Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine. This was reported through social media by Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor of the region. “There were no casualties or damage,” he stressed.

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    Trump, “Putin saw Biden’s weakness”

    Donald Trump recalled in Nebraska, where he is speaking to hundreds of supporters, that with him in the White House, Russian President Vladimir Putin “would never invade” Ukraine. “Putin – he added – saw weakness. He saw incompetence” in the Biden administration.

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    The Ukrainian Air Force said it shot down 10 Russian Orlan-10 drones

    Ukrainian air defense shot down ten Russian Orlan-10 drones yesterday. This was reported by the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a note relaunched by the media. The cost of an “Orlan-10”, the source says, is about $ 80-120,000, depending on the configuration. These are aircraft that are used to carry out reconnaissance and mapping missions in support of war operations.

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    Media, Russia already has a plan to invade Moldova

    Russia would have a plan to invade Moldova by repeating the “Donbas scenario”. Ukrainian media reported this, citing Ukrainian intelligence sources reported by Suspiline. There would be a series of indicators that suggest an upcoming attack on Modlavia which has an army of 3,250 soldiers. In particular, the media reported, Ukrainian intelligence is recording some activities at Tiraspol airport, the de facto capital of unrecognized Transnistria. Sources say Russia plans to land transport planes and helicopters in Transnistria flying from occupied Crimea. At the same time, riots and protests are expected in Chisinau. However, this information contradicts the analysis by Western intelligence agencies that Russia cannot fly safely without Ukraine’s air defenses in the Odessa region shooting down its aircraft.

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