Ukraine raises the number of civilian bodies found in the kyiv region to more than 1,200 after Russia’s withdrawal

The authorities of the kyiv region have raised this Monday to more than 1,200 the number of civilian bodies found in the area after the withdrawal of Russian forces, within the framework of the invasion of the country that began on February 24 by order of the president. of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

“Unfortunately, we make horrible finds almost every day and document the crimes of the Russian Army in the kyiv region,” Kiev Police Chief Andriy Nebitov was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

“So far our specialists have examined the bodies of 1,202 civilians, which have been handed over to forensic institutions to determine the cause of death,” he said, adding that “280 of them have not yet been identified.”

Thus, he has demanded that citizens notify the authorities of the disappearance of any person with whom “they have lost contact” to try to locate them, while stressing that there are currently around 300 missing people.

“We are looking for the dead, but we hope to find these people alive. We know that many people lost contact because they lost their mobile phones, because the occupiers confiscated them or even because they were forcibly evacuated to Belarus and Russia,” he detailed.

On the other hand, Nebitov has emphasized that the authorities continue to carry out demining work and has indicated that “there are quite a few unexploded ordnances” that could have remained in the liberated areas after the withdrawal of Russian forces.

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