. – Teachers and school staff should be among the priority categories to receive the two doses of the Covid vaccine. This was underlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef ​​in a joint note recalling that immunization of school workers it is a fundamental measure to be able to keep the classrooms open and to welcome students in presence.

The recommendation, which follows the one made in November 2020 before the advent of vaccines, should however always be implemented in order to be able to vaccinate “the most vulnerable people” of the population.

The warning of the two UN agencies comes a few weeks after the resumption of the school year to remember how it is “vitale that classroom learning continues without further stops“, despite the spread of the Delta variant all over the world.

Classroom teaching, adds WHO Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, “is of paramount importance to children’s education, mental health and social skills development. Schools help deliver to children the means to be happy and productive individuals within society “.

Furthermore, according to WHO and Unicef, “the pandemic caused the most catastrophic disruption in the history of education“and it is thanks to vaccines that we can hope to return to a condition that is approaching” normal “. For this reason they have also urged countries to immunize children over the age of 12, who have precarious health conditions and are therefore more vulnerable to serious Covid infections.

The last recommendation concerns the importance of taking measures to adapt the school environment to the risks posed by the pandemic so that students are better protected during school hours. Some suggestions, in this sense, are to improve the ventilation system, reduce the number of pupils per class, respect social distancing and carry out frequent swabs to children, teachers and staff.

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