The G-7 summit ended this afternoon with the leaders’ support for further investigation into the sources of the outbreak of the corona plague and a commitment to lead a comprehensive effort to vaccinate the world population against the virus. They also promised to stop greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the current century.

At the end of three days of meetings and social events on Cornwall Beach in England, the seven leaders of the world’s leading democratic economies ended their first meeting in two years and the first with the participation of the new US President, Joe Biden.

One of the main issues on the agenda was the efforts to end the corona plague and coordinate cooperation towards possible future epidemics. The summary statement said leaders pledged to send at least a billion more parcels next year, after pledging to deliver two billion parcels since the outbreak, and that they would work with the private sector and other countries to increase quotas.

“We recognize that the plague left no one who did not feel it, affecting not only physical health but also mental health and social well-being,” the statement said. “At the same time, we recognize that we have a long way to go to achieve equal access to these medical tools and manage the risks from new strains of corona that could reverse our progress.”

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The leaders also called for further “topical, transparent, expert-led and science-based research” on the sources of the coronavirus outbreak, including in China itself. President Biden noted that the leaders had agreed to look into the possibility of the virus leaking from a laboratory in Wuhan. “We did not have access to the labs to determine whether or not the plague was the result of an experiment that went wrong in the lab,” Biden said at the press conference at the end of the conference. “It’s important to know that.”

Another significant issue that was on the agenda, and pushed to the margins in the last year due to the plague, was the fight against global warming and climate change. The leaders called for a “green revolution” and pledged to reach an end to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest.

“Through international action and focused leadership, 2021 should be a turning point for our planet as we commit to a green transition that reduces emissions, increases global adaptation, halt the loss of biodiversity and reverses the trend, and through policy and technology change, also creates employment. High quality and increases prosperity and well-being, “the leaders said.

In view of Biden’s efforts to mobilize its counterparts on a united front with China, the concluding document states that the leaders will continue “consultations on collective policies and challenging practices that undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy.” They also called on Beijing to uphold human rights and fundamental freedoms in Xinjiang and Hong Kong and warned of stability in the Taiwan Strait and of Chinese attempts to undermine the status quo in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

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