The four – day sitting of the National Assembly started without opposition deputies

The regular four-day session has started in the National Assembly. There are 23 issues on the agenda, including the report on the activities of the Armenian Prosecutor’s Office in 2021.

The two opposition factions – “Armenia” and “I have honor” do not participate in the sitting. They are demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister through a street struggle, claiming that the government is going to leave Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan.

Yesterday, to the question of “Azatutyun” whether they will participate in today’s sitting, the secretary of the “I have honor” faction Hayk Mamijanyan answered that there will be a separate announcement about it later.

On April 12, the parliamentary opposition boycotted the four-day sitting, announcing “they are leaving for Artsakh and border regions, where the country’s priority agenda is.” That day, the opposition accused the ruling party of discussing the real agendas related to Armenia and Artsakh and adopting a conventional stance instead of finding solutions.

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