U.S. shake – up: A draft Supreme Court ruling is expected to repeal the right to abortion

Shake in the United States: Supreme Court justices have overturned the 1973 precedent-setting ruling, “Row v. Wade,” which states that any law prohibiting abortion – contradicts the U.S. Constitution, according to Preliminary draft of majority opinion, Which was unveiled early Tuesday morning on the Politico website. The draft was signed by Judge Samuel Alito.

The draft opinion completely undermines the decision of ’73, which guaranteed constitutional protections for the right to abortion for a woman, and the decision made years later, in 1992, which largely protected the right. “Rowe made a big mistake from the beginning,” Judge Elito wrote.

“We have ruled that the Row v. Casey ruling will be overturned,” the judge wrote in a document entitled “The Court’s Position.” “It is time to return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected officials.” However, it was emphasized that the position of the court is not final as stated, but until it becomes a final ruling, probably in the coming months.

The immediate effect of the ruling, as formulated in February and now published, would bring about the termination of a “guarantee” of about fifty years, to the federal constitutional protection of the right to abortion, and in effect, Allow each country to decide whether to restrict or prohibit it.

The draft opinion offers an extraordinary window into the hearings of judges in one of the most influential cases in court in the last five decades. There were those who predicted that the conservative majority would “divide” the right to abortion without outright abolishing the 49-year precedent.

The reactions in the US political system

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiNoted that if things are right and the decision is made as presented in the draft, “it is one of the most destructive decisions made in the modern world.”

She added: “Some of these conservative judges, who lied to the US Senate, ‘tore up’ the constitution and desecrated the reputation of the Supreme Court – all at the expense of dozens of women’s hotels that may soon be deprived of their independence to decide on their bodies.”

Hillary Clinton“This is a direct attack on women’s rights and lives, not to mention the trampling of years of ‘settled’ law. The decision could hurt American women’s sense of disrespect.”

Republican officials, on the other hand, called for an immediate investigation into Politico’s leak. Senator Tom Cotton said: “The Row v. Weil ruling was wrong in the first place. I hope the court will allow states to protect the lives of those who have not yet been born.”

Another party senator added: “The court’s confidential deliberation process is sacred and must be protected from ‘political involvement’. This leak proves that the radical Democrats are working hard to threaten and undermine the court, that has always been their plan.”

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