The first president of independent Belarus is dead – Abroad

Stanislau Shushkevich was one of the signatories of the declaration on the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Independent The first president of Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich has died at the age of 87 years. His wife Irinan according to Shushkevich died of a disease caused by the coronavirus.

In 1991, Shushkevich made history by signing Russia together Boris Yeltsin and Ukraine Leonid Kravchukin with the Declaration on the Dissolution of the Soviet Union and its Replacement by the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Shushkevich ruled Belarus until 1994, when he lost the presidential election To Alexander Lukashenko.

Shushkevich later became a critic of Lukashenko and a prominent representative of the opposition. The current leader of the Belarusian opposition, living in exile, expressed his condolences over Shushevich’s departure. Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya.



Ukraine’s Leonid Kravchuk (left), Belarus’s Stanislau Shushkevich and Russia’s Boris Yeltsin signed a declaration on the break-up of the Soviet Union in Moscow on December 8, 1991.

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