Searches for money laundering and clan crime: Large family is said to have illegally made millions with shisha tobacco and real estate

It’s about a whole series of allegations, ranging from illegal transactions to money laundering abroad and fraud in Corona emergency aid. The alleged perpetrators from the field of clan crime are said to have turned over millions.

During a large-scale raid against clan crime, police officers searched 14 properties in Solingen, Leichlingen, Wuppertal and Unna. About 100 officers from the police, financial administration or public prosecutor’s office were involved in the operation, the Düsseldorf public prosecutor announced on Wednesday. In the morning, police officers were on duty at a residential building in Solingen, among other places, as a dpa photographer reported. There were no arrests, said prosecutor Lukas Kockmann of the German Press Agency. The evaluation of documents will take a long time.

The investigations were directed against five suspects who were members of a large family. There is a suspicion that a sum of millions was obtained through criminal transactions – including with water pipe tobacco. This led to the suspicion of money laundering. Corona help is also said to have been obtained fraudulently. “Further allegations kept coming up as part of the investigation,” said Kockmann. A total amount of damage cannot be given. The “Bild” newspaper first reported on the raid.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU) was appalled at the extent of the alleged crimes: “Millions are obtained through criminal business and washed from family members and acquaintances. Suddenly there are larger incoming payments from the Middle East, the money is distributed to different accounts with the aim of covering up the trail of the money,” said the Minister of the “Rheinische Post”, which reported online. “State aid such as Corona emergency aid is also shamelessly and wrongly claimed. The alleged perpetrators will stop at nothing,” the minister continued.

suspicion of money laundering

The specialist department for commercial criminal matters of the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office reported on the extensive investigations that questionable funds are said to have been paid in cash and flowed through other accounts and, for example, incorrectly declared as a loan. In other cases, payments in the six-digit range are said to have been made from abroad.

Police cars are parked in front of a building where the police are conducting a raid.Photo: Roberto Pfeil/dpa

These funds were then distributed to different accounts for no comprehensible reason. Money was also used to set up supposed real estate companies. The investigators suspect that the corresponding real estate transactions did not exist or were only carried out to cover up criminally obtained funds.

Open tax payments

The investigations are also about tax claims from the public sector, some of which have not been paid for many years and amount to more than one million euros. The accused are the owners of various properties. Rental income in a not inconsiderable amount is said to have been specifically diverted to accounts of other family members in order to prevent access by the tax authorities.

In addition, real estate loans are said to have been fraudulently obtained through forged documents. In addition, services provided by the NRW emergency aid in connection with the 2020 corona pandemic are said to have been obtained fraudulently.
According to the public prosecutor’s office, a lawyer is also being investigated, whose workplace was also searched.

He is said to have been involved in money laundering. He is said to have provided accounts, forwarded payments and acted as managing director of companies. (dpa)

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