Russian Foreign Ministry: “Israeli mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine”

The diplomatic crisis between Russia and Israel is getting worse: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed today (Wednesday) during an interview on Russian Sputnik radio that in the fighting in Ukraine “Israeli mercenaries are fighting side by side with soldiers from the Moss Regiment.” The Special Operations Department of Moss is an extreme right-wing unit belonging to the National Guard of Ukraine. In 2022 the size of the battalion was estimated at about 900 members.

Zakharova’s remarks join the actions of the outraged statement of the Russian foreign minister who claimed that “the fact that Zalansky is a Jew does not deny the Nazi elements in his country. I believe that Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood.” In response, the Foreign Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister Yair Lapid He attacked and said: “Offering Lavrov to read a history book, the Russian government should apologize to the Jews and the survivors, an inappropriate statement.” Also, due to the remarks of the Russian Foreign Minister, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador to Israel for a clarification conversation with the Deputy Director General of Eurasia.

In response to Lapid’s remarks, the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted sharply: “Lapid’s remarks make it very clear why Israel supports the neo – Nazi regime in Kiev.” According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, anti-Semitism has been growing in Ukraine since the 2014 coup. “Ukraine has become a leader among all former Soviet states in terms of the number of antisemitic incidents, and several publications indicate that it even surpasses all former Soviet states combined,” the ministry statement said.

“The historical tragedy lies in the fact that if during World War II some Jews were forced to participate in crimes, then Lansky does so consciously and voluntarily. He hides behind his origins while acting neo-Nazi in his country,” they attacked.

Russia has imposed sanctions on Fomio Kishida and other senior Japanese government officials

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry today announced a series of measures against the Japanese government and its leaders. A statement from Moscow’s office said: “Fumio Kishida’s government has launched an unprecedented anti-Russian campaign to crack down on unprovoked rhetoric against the Russian Federation, including defamation and direct threats. Tokyo is taking practical steps to dismantle good neighborly relations.” Following this, the Foreign Ministry announced that the entry of Kishda, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa, Defense Minister and other senior officials into Russia is prohibited.

Last month, the Russian Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Minister Liz Truss and Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and banned them from entering the country. “This step is taken in response to London’s unstoppable information and political campaign aimed at isolating Russia internationally, creating conditions for the containment of our country and stifling the local economy,” it said.

In addition, sanctions have been imposed on a number of other government members and politicians in the kingdom, including against Justice Minister Dominic Rani and former British Prime Minister Theresa May. Moscow noted that in the near future this list would be expanded to include British politicians and parliamentarians “contributing to anti-Russian hysteria, and pushing the West to use threats in dialogue with Moscow.”

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