Slovakia asks Brussels for a three.year exemption to stop importing Russian oil

The Government of Slovakia has given its support this Wednesday to the new package of sanctions that the European Commission has proposed against Russia, including the veto on oil, although it has requested a longer transition period, of three years, so that the country can have Your energy security is guaranteed.

The President of the Community Executive, Ursula Von der Leyen, has initially proposed a transition of just over half a year, until the end of 2022, so that the Member States can seek alternative sources, but for the countries most dependent on Russian oil, such as Slovakia, this deadline is insufficient.

The Minister of Economy, Richard Sulik, has asked that the Slovak requests not be compared with the Hungarian ones and has denied that they want an indefinite exemption, but he has indicated that the transition phase should last three years, according to statements to the media collected by the daily ‘Pravda’.

Sulik has appealed to European “solidarity” to allow Slovakia to “adapt” to the new situation. Stop depending on Russian oil will cost Slovakia about 160 million euros, according to estimates by the Executive.

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