Sanja Radolović: ‘The Law on Preschool Education has no support even among the ruling party’

SDP MP Sanja Radolović she said at a news conference on Wednesday Puli that by postponing the declaration on amendments and possible second reading, it becomes clear that the Law on Preschool Education is bad and that there is clearly no support among the ruling party either.

She assessed that the government has no way of understanding “how kindergartens are not custodians, but educational institutions”. She pointed out that mostly thanks to the profession, which was primarily brought together by the associations Sidro, Krijesnice and trade unions, the ruling party did not abolish the State Pedagogical Standard (DPS), which was obviously their intention.

“It is not even respected today, and not a single report on the State Pedagogical Standard has been submitted to the Croatian Parliament, just as no analysis of its implementation has been made, which should be the responsibility of the relevant Ministry of Science and Education,” said Sanja Radolovic.

She added that this is the fourth proposal to amend the Law on Preschool Education, which has nothing to do with the text drafted by the working group, and that such a proposal is not backed by the profession.

According to her, these amendments to the Act degrade all employees in the early preschool education system and children and parents, and the most important thing is that the material, personnel and safety conditions in early preschool education institutions are not satisfactory.

“The paradox is that the whole system is currently based on the great efforts of our educators and all employees in the system, who are among the most educated in the European Union, and at the same time among the lowest paid in the European Union,” said Radolovic.

She added that these amendments to the Act by employing primary school teachers “want to solve the surplus of primary school teachers in the labor market and the deficit of educators”, which is currently missing about three thousand, and in the long run about seven thousand. Such types of retraining, she pointed out, do not exist in other countries and education systems.

“In the proposed amendments to the Act related to the employment of assistants for children with disabilities and professional communication mediators, the proponent points out that such persons can be employed in kindergarten. This is a completely wrong wording because, in accordance with the needs of children with disabilities, assistants and communication mediators they have to be employed in a kindergarten, and the money for that needs to be provided from the state budget, “said the SDP MP.

By Editor