Obradović (Dveri) on Vučić’s announcement of talks with the opposition: Only official dialogue in the Assembly
Today, the president of the Dveri movement, Boško Obradović, supported the announcement of the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, to organize talks with the opposition, but pointed out that these could not be private meetings, but official dialogue in the Serbian Parliament.“After the election, the president’s constitutional obligation is to talk to all parliamentary groups about forming a new government, which already has the issue of (not) imposing sanctions on Russia. The geopolitical situation is extremely serious and requires urgent parliamentary debate,” Obradovic said. statement.

He assessed that the Government of Serbia in the technical mandate “should not make any strategic decisions, nor should the president of the state do that independently”.

“That is why we advise Aleksandar Vučić to, instead of falsely talking to the people through the media, influence the formation of the National Assembly as soon as possible and submit a report to MPs on negotiations with various international representatives behind the scenes,” said Obradović.

Earlier today, Vučić announced that in early June, he should consult with representatives of political parties on Serbia’s current position in the “light of the crisis in Ukraine”.

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