Preparedness in Cyprus for the expected arrival of a huge oil slick caused by a leak from a power plant in Syria: Turkey sent special ships in an attempt to prevent pollution in the northern part of the island, while the Nicosia government turned to Israel and Greece for help if necessary. Syrian officials said cracks in a fuel tank at a power plant in the town of Banias, which contained 15,000 tons of fuel, had caused the contaminant to leak since last Monday. Satellite imagery from the past day has shown that the spot has expanded to more than a thousand square kilometers in the northern Mediterranean and is moving towards Cyprus.

According to the latest data, the spot is about 30 km from the Karpaz peninsula in the northeastern part of the island, in the Turkish part of Cyprus, and it may reach the coastal area in the coming hours.

In northern Cyprus, where the danger is currently higher, the Minister of the Environment and Tourism announced, Ateoglu pickers, That a special working group had been set up to deal with the impending environmental crisis and that Turkey had sent three vessels with special equipment in order to halt the progress of the stain. He said obstacles had been placed 400 meters from the shore, but he admitted that they might not be enough. “We hope the vessels coming from Turkey will help us prevent the spread of the stain,” he said.

Greek Cyprus is also preparing for the possibility of the stain reaching the country’s shores. The ship Alexandria, equipped with anti.pollution measures, was sent as part of the European aid mechanism and a response team was activated in Larnaca as part of a national emergency plan. The Minister of Agriculture, Kostas Cadis, said that the Cypriot authorities had also asked Greece and Israel to provide assistance if necessary in accordance with the cooperation agreements between the two countries.

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