Tonight, US President Joseph Biden assessed the mission of evacuating Americans and allies from Afghanistan as an extraordinary success.

“No country in history has achieved anything like this. The extraordinary success of the mission is due to the incredible talent, courage and selfless courage of the US military, our diplomats and our intelligence experts,” Biden said in a speech at the White House.

According to him, the United States remains determined to evacuate the Americans who remained in Afghanistan, whose number is estimated at between 100 and 200.

Biden defended the decision to leave Afghanistan, stating that the United States had no choice but to “leave or escalate militarily.“

“We had only a simple choice. Either follow the obligation of the previous administration and leave Afghanistan, or say not to go and send tens of thousands of soldiers back to the war,” he said.

Biden added that he did not intend to prolong the “eternal war” or to prolong the “eternal withdrawal” from Afghanistan.

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