Erfurt: Suspected abuse in a Catholic kindergarten

He was a temporary help at the Catholic kindergarten in Erfurt-Hochheim. But now a teenager is under terrible suspicion: He is said to have assaulted several children.

Investigations at the Catholic kindergarten St. Elisabeth and St. Bonifatius in Erfurt-Hochheim: According to BILD information, the alleged sexual abuse of those under protection has been investigated here since mid-March.

In a letter (available to BILD) from the kindergarten management dated March 11, 2022 to the parents, it says: “Based on tips from the parents, there is a suspicion that two children in our kindergarten were sexually abused in the last week of February. The accused is […] an underage person temporarily helping out in the facility.”

The case was immediately reported to the police, and the state and city youth welfare offices were informed. Are there other justified suspected cases? Both the police and the prosecutor are silent on this:

“The – sensitive – investigations into a minor on suspicion of sexual abuse of several children have not yet been completed,” said senior public prosecutor Hannes Grünseisen.

The case also caused dismay in the diocese of Erfurt: “We support the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office with all our strength,” said a spokesman.

The suspect was immediately banned from entering the home, and any contact with the children in the facility was prohibited. He himself denies the allegations.

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