US Army Chief of Staff: “Russia has failed to implement its military plan”

Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General James of Conville, Claimed today (Friday) that Russia has failed to implement its military plan in Ukraine. “The Russian plan is very complicated. Such a plan requires trained and disciplined soldiers, they did not have such capabilities. They did not have enough trained soldiers,” McConville said, noting that to implement such a military plan, Russia needs a much better logistical system.

Maybe the Ukrainians do not have the same abilities and capabilities as in Russia, but the Ukrainians have the desire. When you build a cohesive team, it matters. It’s different from what we’ve seen elsewhere, “General McConville added.

McConville also stressed the importance of US allies and partners in providing logistics to support Ukraine. Christine Vermouth, She added: “We have shown how fast we have been able to deploy our forces in Europe, how fast we are providing arms assistance to Ukraine. It shows an incredible confidence in what the US military is doing to provide logistics. “Our support for Ukraine is unquestionable.”

“We see no desire on the part of the Russians to end the war”

At the same time, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zlansky referred to the war in his country and in an interview with the Royal Institute of International Relations at the British House of Chatham said: “Today is the 72nd day of the war, and we still do not see the end. We do not feel or see any will “From the Russian side to end it. Since February 24, there has not been a day when we have not negotiated the strengthening of sanctions against Russia and the like. And there has not been a day that we have not negotiated a safe exit and a ‘humanitarian corridor’ for the besieged in Mariupol.”

The president argued that Ukraine seeks to win the war as soon as possible, restore its territorial integrity and begin reconstruction using the funds confiscated from Russia. Zalansky stressed that the war would have global consequences in many areas. First and foremost, in the field of food security for hundreds of millions of people, especially in the Middle East. The president added that world leaders were beginning to understand the global implications of the war.

Further, he called on the world to act decisively and more quickly, for the extent of the damage and losses from the war to the whole world will increase with each passing day. Zalansky expressed regret that for more than two months the Ukrainian authorities had to talk about the same things that could stop the war, but the world hesitated for a long time.

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