The Assembly of Free Serbia will not attend the meeting with Vučić
The Assembly of Free Serbia (SSS) announced today that, as part of the coalition Moramo, it will not attend the meeting of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić with representatives of the opposition, at which possible sanctions against Russia should be discussed, if that invitation arrives.The SSS pointed out that Vucic said before his visit to Germany that he “really cares” about what anyone, from the West or the East, thinks about the issue and that “he will make the decision in the best interest of Serbia.”

“Please, bring it yourself, even though you know that you do not have the constitutional authority for that type of decision. This will not be the first time you have violated the Constitution that you once swore to,” the statement reads.

They also assessed that the meeting of the opposition representatives with Vučić would be a “semi-private gathering”, which would “serve him as an alibi for the alleged national unity in making a historic decision”.

“Representatives of almost all political parties have already declared themselves publicly. The Assembly of Free Serbia has publicly stated that it is in favor of sanctions, ie restrictive measures against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime, and not for sanctions that would affect ordinary Russian citizens,” they said. are from SSS.

They also emphasized that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), of which Vučić is the president, did not publicly state its position on that topic.

The SSS added that politics in Serbia should be led by the government, with the verification of key political decisions in the Serbian Parliament, but that “Vucic is doing it for them” at the moment.

“It is necessary for the decision-making to be returned to the constitutional framework. You, as the President of the Republic, have the authority and obligations. The National Assembly must be urgently constituted, more than a month has passed since the parliamentary elections, and you have the task of entrusting the mandate to the government.” to the one who proves that he has a majority in the assembly “, it is stated in the announcement.

They estimated that this would be state-building and constitutional behavior of the president of the state, and not “convening semi-private gatherings”.

“We call on the representatives of the opposition parties not to respond to the announcement of the President of the Republic, which he announced. We call on the urgent constitution of the Assembly and the election of the Government and on returning the decision-making process to where it belongs, according to the Constitution.”

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